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Illinois, unlike some states, allows you to own a real slot machine (gaming device), for your personal use, as long as you do not operate it for gambling (operate it for a profit).  This is different than some of the other states.  Many require that the machine be a certain numbers old, considered an antique.  Still, others will not allow you to own or possess a Slot Machine of any age!  In Illinois it is perfectly and completely legal to own whatever Slot Machine you like. 

We do, however, suggest to the use of Tokens instead of using U.S. coins.  See our page on Chicago Slot Machine Sells Tokens.  Tokens for slot machines are only good for your slot machines.  They are slightly larger than, let's  say for example, a quarter.  Once converted, a quarter equivalent token will be accepted and a real quarter will drop right on through and be rejected.  No more loss of your coins when the kids are around and you are not.  Chicago Slot Machine stocks most of the tokens you'll need for your machine's denomination.



IGT International Gaming TechnologiesIGT is the largest and most popular slot machine manufacturer of them all. Based in Reno Nevada, IGT got it's start by reconditioning and customizing early Bally machines.


Bally TechnologiesBally is probably the oldest of the modern day slot machine manufacturers. Bally has been designing slot machines since the early 60's and is still one of the top three slot machine companies.


Williams - WMSWilliams is the newest of the big three slot machine companies. Williams began by manufacturing arcade machines and created some of the world's finest pinball machines.