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IGT I Dream of Jeannie I-Game Video Slot
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IGT I Dream of Jeannie I-Game Video Slot

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IGT I Dream of Jeannie I-Game Video Slot - Short Cabinet

From September of 1965 through May of 1970, she was a household name: a drop-dead gorgeous blonde in a harem outfit who brought a playful sexiness to her role as a genie found in a bottle on a beach by an astronaut. I Dream of Jeannie was one of the most popular network sitcoms of the '60s. Through 139 episodes and two movies, Barbara Eden's "Jeannie" character became as ingrained in the popular culture as the show's bouncy theme song. The combination of Eden's sex appeal and the theme itself-a beautiful woman living under the same roof (always sleeping in her bottle, we were assured) with a single man, at that man's beck and call for anything-brought a certain naughtiness to a television culture that still required married couples to be depicted in twin beds.

Eden's costume had to be altered so her navel would not show-a restriction the censors maintained for the show's entire run. For millions of young, male Baby Boomers, though, it only added to her mystique

Despite the multitude of subsequent roles she has played in television, movies and on stage, Eden is still, and probably always will be, most associated with the role of Jeannie. Thirty years after it was canceled, I Dream of Jeannie is still popular. The show has lived on in reruns, and Jeannie fan clubs and websites abound.

This is why IGT bought the rights to use the sights and sounds of the show in a slot game released a year ago. It is also why the manufacturer employed Eden to do voice-overs for the game and appear at functions to promote it.

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